PBS journalist speaks on politics and faith

Ray Suarez, senior correspondent for PBS NewsHour and host of the radio program “America Abroad,” spoke at Graham Chapel Thursday evening. In his speech, Suarez explored the effects that religion has on politics in American society. His speech, titled “The Holy Vote: The Politics of Faith in America,” followed the subject matter of his 2006 book of the same title.

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America’s greatest threat is its own foreign policy

While many Americans were enjoying time with family over the past week, the US military was still heavily engaged in conflicts around the globe. That didn’t stop most Americans from having a good time. In fact, the idea that American soldiers are stationed in over 100 countries has done little to deter the daily life here at home.

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The decade in review at Wash. U.

Critics have already dubbed this past decade as the decade from hell. While many of the flagship events of this decade were certainly characterized by hardship, violence and struggle, headlines alone can never tell a whole story.

The effect of misinformation

As anyone who has been in an argument before knows, one of the most annoying tendencies one might encounter is a looseness with facts. People routinely distort or ignore inconvenient information that doesn’t support their case. Still, this tendency is often held in check to some degree by the unwillingness of persons with opposing positions […]

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The work

I’m writing this having come from a speech by Karl Rove, held in Graham Chapel Monday night.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but the man manages to instill an even deeper sense of dread in person than he does on TV. Honestly, watching him talk is like watching a python feed.  So to […]

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