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SU passes general budget of $3.9 million

The largest section in the budget was $1.9 million dedicated to funding student group reserves, an increase from $1.6 million last year.

| Senior News Editor

SU suspends ‘90% rule’ for student group funding, switches to appeals-based process as a first step in a larger budget overhaul

In anticipation of the challenges of a largely virtual semester, Student Union made significant changes to its budgeting process for the fall 2020 semester, including switching to an appeals-based funding process and suspending the 90% rule.

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SU considers options for student activities fee allocation as University refunds dining, housing

Washington University will begin to refund housing and dining balances on a prorated basis, raising several questions regarding additional refunds and forms of compensation for students.

Ellie Ito and Ted Moskal | Staff Reporters

SU plans to reduce uncertainty over student group funding with new budget overhaul

Student groups will experience a streamlined process for receiving funding as part of Student Union’s planned overhaul of its financial system, set to enter preliminary stages as soon as fall 2020.

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Spring student group budgets released amid rising demands

Student Union released their student group budgets for the spring semester on Nov. 11, allocating 66.9% of requested funds.

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Treasury forum discusses group budgeting and deregistration

Student Union held a Treasury Engagement Session and Budget Allocation Discussion open to all students on Friday afternoon. Among the 22 attendees were the past and current budget committee chairs, Treasury representatives and representatives from various student groups on campus. Treasury officers discussed topics such as the 90 percent rule, newly implemented this semester, and the deregistration of SU-recognized groups, which Treasury voted on on Tuesday, Nov. 18.

Mindy Rosengarten | Contributing Reporter

Spires risks loss of print product due to low funding

Spires literary and arts magazine faces the possibility of being shut down due to lack of funding. While the literary magazine requested $3,645 for its spring issue, Student Union Treasury granted the magazine only $2,139, which Spires leaders say may not be sufficient for them to print.

Leigh Brosof | Contributing Reporter

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