St. Louis BookFest: Accessible and Insightful

I can safely say I wasn’t expecting the St. Louis BookFest. I first heard of the festival on Thursday evening, less than forty-eight hours before the event itself. The website provided a helpful list of featured authors, none of whom I had heard of. I had never even been to the Central West End before.

Isabella Neubauer | Contributing Writer

Falling in love with Sherman Alexie at BookFest St. Louis

Alexie’s energy and charisma spread like wildfire through the audience the moment he bounded onto the stage. We were in for a show.

| Staff Writer

St. Louis’ rich literary history, explored at BookFest

In a city once home to Tennessee Williams, Kate Chopin and T.S. Elliot, enjoy a weekend of literary discussions centered at Left Bank Books in the Central West End.

| Staff Writer

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