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The weather up here: A tall girl’s opinion on ‘Tall Girl’

When Netflix dropped the trailer for the movie “Tall Girl,” my Facebook notifications jumped, with more than a dozen of my friends alerting me that a movie “for me!” was finally being released.

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Body love panel talks male body image

Reflections WashU hosted a panel on men’s body image and insecurities Tuesday night that addressed issues of masculinity, race and eating disorders among men.

Rachel Katzin | Contributing Reporter

Burning more than bras: Breaking down rape culture with ‘Speak Like a Girl’

“Just because you hold the door for us doesn’t mean we’ll hold your d—,” reads a sign propped on the ledge behind the Tisch Commons stage.

| Staff Reporters

Giving the Cinderella story a facelift

Just in time to correct the damage done by this week’s sorority formals comes the latest trend in kinesthetic fashion—toe-length-shortening procedures that will leave you with the perfect foot shape for those five-inch Louboutins you bought in red specifically so no one would notice the blood stains that resulted from wearing them.

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Model leads conversation on pressures of body image

MyPlate, the fashion industry and perceptions of health were among the varied topics covered in a presentation by Maybelline’s first African model, Yomi Abiola, Tuesday night. Abiola’s presentation was a part of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, hosted by student group Reflections.

| News Editor

Reflections offers week without ‘fat talk’

You shouldn’t hear anyone saying “I want to lose three pounds” or “Is butter a carb?” this week, as college campuses across America participate in the national “Fat Talk Free Week.” Sponsored at Washington University by Reflections, a student group aiming to promote awareness about eating disorders and body image, the goal of the week of Oct.

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Fat Talk Free Week

It’s Fat Talk Free Week again. Let me begin by saying that because I have only encountered this event, sponsored by the Reflections student group, through Facebook invites and Underpass paintings, that I have absolutely no idea what this event means to the people who choose to sign the pledge and participate in the activities.

Yasmin Boakye

Body image

We get our first impressions of other people from their bodies and faces. These features are even more powerful mechanisms of attraction when the person is someone we desire. It’s one of the reasons we fall in love. It is natural. Everyone wants to look attractive to others. It raises your confidence and makes you feel good.

| Staff Columnist

Fat Talk Free Week should not end today

This week, we have seen the underpass painted to denounce our “fat talk.” We have watched students sign a giant board outside the DUC, pledging to stop talking negatively about their bodies and start accepting a healthy, balanced lifestyle. These events, part of Fat Talk Free Week, were sponsored by the student group Reflections and are a much-needed public step toward fighting the prevalence of unhealthy body image at Washington University.

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