Blackout on South 40 causes student distress

Students found themselves showering in the dark and trapped in the elevator when a power outage struck campus Monday morning.

| Contributing Reporter

A brief history lesson in Wash. U. sports malfunctions

One of the most notable moments in last Sunday’s Super Bowl occurred just 1:32 into the third quarter, when half of the lights in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans went out. It took 34 minutes for the crews there to fix the problem and get the game going again.

| Senior Sports Editor

Oh baby, baby, it’s a mad WUrld

A bunch of students reenacted communism on Monday on the lawn outside the Women’s Building.
There was also a blackout on the South 40 last week, and the cause is still unknown. I’m pretty sure, however, that a drum circle took place at the Clocktower while the lights were out.

| Forum Editor

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