There were so many Black people!: Safe spaces on college campuses

There are people on this campus who don’t know what it is like to have to constantly search for themselves in spaces, and this is a privilege.

| Staff Writer

Letter from the editor

The decision to capitalize Black comes from the expertise and advocacy of academics, activists and linguists. Black is not purely a descriptor, but an identity group as well.

| Editor-in-Chief

It’s Black with a capital B

Capitalizing the word “Black” is in many ways the lowest of low-hanging fruit for justice for oppressed people. It doesn’t require any new thinking; just add another little loop on top. Black is not a color, it is a people.

| Staff Writer

Invisible on campus: Dialogues on diversity, activism and the future of campus inclusion

A look at the rhetoric surrounding dialogue on diversity, changing strategies in activism and remaining challenges the University faces.

and | Senior Editors

Invisible on campus: The slow progress and campus-wide frustration of recruiting black faculty

Wash. U. boasts a number of black administrators, but that diversity hasn’t extended to the faculty ranks, and University officials pointed to these numbers as the hardest to change.

| Longform Editor

Re: Unintentional, but still segregation

Allow me to first clarify some things so that the content of my opinion piece will be received within context: I am black, I am a junior, and I am from Harlem, N.Y., originally born in the South Bronx, New York City. Both areas are predominantly made of people of black, Puerto Rican and/or Dominican descent.

Naia Ferguson | Op-Ed Submission

Mothers Men’s complaints prompt government investigations, lawsuit

Complaints about alleged race discrimination by a Chicago bar against six black Washington University students have prompted state and federal investigations and a likely lawsuit to be filed by the students against the bar.

| Senior News Editor

Black History Month: it’s for all of us

All right kiddos, it’s Black History Month! I’ll write my report on Harriet Tubman; why don’t you do George Washington Carver? Or maybe Nelson Mandela or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? How about Barack Obama? Is it all right that he’s only half-black? Some would say President Obama is black. He married a black woman, […]

| Staff Columnist

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