Black History Month

Ahead of Black History Month, consider what you take for granted

It’s our responsibility to participate in an active and ongoing process of learning, unlearning and relearning.

| Senior Forum Editor

Editor’s Note Episode 7: Black athletes foster community and change

In this episode, we focus on how Black student-athletes are pushing for change in the Athletic Department.

| Multimedia Editor

Black queer icons to learn more about as Black History Month comes to an end

Sadly, one of my favorite months of the year is coming to an end. Black History Month, a month that celebrates the legacies of prominent Black people and their efforts to pave the way for future Black generations, has amplified my own consciousness and pride in my identity.

Marc Ridgell | Contributing Writer

ABS honors diversity of Black student achievements with ‘Black Talks, Black Thoughts’

The Association of Black Students continued their 2020 Black History Month programming series, Feb. 25 in the Orchid Room, with the third annual “Black Talks, Black Thoughts,” which offered students and faculty the opportunity to give a 10 minute presentation on any topic of their choosing.

| Senior News Editor

Black History Month: Notable moments since the first Black Manifesto

In the second part of our two-part series on key moments in Washington University’s Black history, we will examine events from the 1968 publication of the first Black Manifesto through the present day.

| Senior Editor

Black History Month: Notable moments leading up to the Black Manifesto

Four years ago, Student Life published “Invisible on Campus,” a five-part series focusing on the fight for Black undergraduate representation and inclusion at Washington University, both historically and in the present day.

| Senior Editor

30th anniversary of Black Anthology brings Black history to the stage

In addition to showing the stories of Black people through the ages, this year’s production of Black Anthology centered around how people choose what art to create.

| Staff Writer

‘The Creation:’ Black Anthology’s 30th anniversary performance to hit the stage this weekend

Despite the publicity, no one outside of Black Anthology’s executive board knows what the show is about.

Isabella Neubauer | Staff Wri

“Jackie and Me” pitches a solid game

“Jackie and Me,” the new coproduction between the St. Louis-based Metro Theater Company and Edison Theatre, Washington University’s on-campus theater, opens with the main character, Joey Stoshack, addressing the audience and filling them in on his secret power—he can travel back through time when he touches a baseball card.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Reflections on black

My skin tone is a shade in between a raw umber and chocolate brown. On most forms, I am guessing for demographic purposes, I am Black/African American. Since elementary school, I have had this notion that February is a month for Black History. This year, as I grasp at threads to try and understand my identity, I find myself a bit perplexed.

| Staff Columnist

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