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Editor’s Note Episode 17: Black Anthology

This year, the Edison Theater was empty on the weekend of Washington University’s annual Black Anthology production, and audiences all over the world watched BA from their laptops.

| Staff Writer

Black Anthology embraces identity and community in the virtual age

The performance, “Essential(s),” truly embraced the gifts of the digital age and brought me fully into the story and performances of the evening. 

| Staff Writer

Black Anthology, first student-run cultural show to return to Edison, navigates pandemic restrictions to produce 32nd show

The production is “a cultural show that allows for a spotlight to be presented on issues that are of importance to Black students, using mediums of acting and dance to convey those themes,” show producer senior Sophia Kamanzi explained.

| Contributing Writer

Black Anthology’s ‘Masquerade’ shows what’s behind the mask

This year’s Black Anthology, “Masquerade,” combined masterful writing, electric performances and enthusiastic dances to create a show that was as entertaining as it was thought-provoking.

Aruni Soni | Contributing Writer

‘Masquerade’ and mental health: BA’s 31st show

After celebrating their 30th show last year, Black Anthology will return this weekend, bringing “Masquerade” to the Edison Theatre.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

WU honors MLK Day with 33rd annual keynote

Hundreds of people filled Graham Chapel for Washington University’s 33rd annual commemoration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

| News Editor

30th anniversary of Black Anthology brings Black history to the stage

In addition to showing the stories of Black people through the ages, this year’s production of Black Anthology centered around how people choose what art to create.

| Staff Writer

‘The Creation:’ Black Anthology’s 30th anniversary performance to hit the stage this weekend

Despite the publicity, no one outside of Black Anthology’s executive board knows what the show is about.

Isabella Neubauer | Staff Wri

The Road to Black Anthology: Installment 2

Black Anthology hosted the viewing of a movie as an “Ode to Ntozake Shange” this past Thursday, Nov. 29 in McMillan Hall.

Katie Bry | Digital Contributor

The Road to Black Anthology: Installment 1

Black Anthology will run Feb. 1 and 2. Up until then, StudLife will be covering the lead-up to the show in a new series, “Road to Black Anthology.”

Katie Bry | Digital Contributor

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