Danforth plant center receives millions in stimulus money

The results of the stimulus bill are still being felt at Washington University and the surrounding region. Renewable fuel research in St. Louis got a big boost in mid-January when it was announced that the area would receive millions of dollars in stimulus money.

| News Editor

Bon Appétit to fuel trucks with vegetable oil

Bon Appétit has entered into a partnership with Kelley Green Biofuel, a local company founded by Kristopher Kelley, a 2008 Washington University alum, in order to convert the vegetable oil waste into biodiesel fuel.

| Staff Reporter

Algae fuel is cool: It’s viable, sustainable and scalable

It’s an economically viable fuel option—producing algae fuel is low in cost and can yield high returns. Not only are the two main inputs free (sunlight and carbon dioxide), the fuel source itself is not subject to political price fluctuations. It also appeals to fuel companies as a way to reduce carbon emissions, and would […]

Ellie Cooper | Staff Columnist

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