University in negotiations with St. Louis Bike Share

The St. Louis launch of Bike Share, a joint venture between bike-sharing companies Ofo and Limebike, is expected to come to Washington University’s campus, the University announced April 16.

| Senior News Editor

Semester sees 50 percent spike in campus bike theft

The Washington University Police Department recorded an almost 50 percent increase in campus bike thefts during the months of September and October.

| Contributing Reporter

I *don’t* want to ride my bicycle

A Forum writer argues that riding a bike around campus is akin to a death wish.

Lauren Alley | Contributing Writer

Bike N’ Build

In the summer before senior year, most undergraduates are vying for an internship or for that research opportunity that will make post-graduation easier to handle. But chemical engineers Scott Burger and Sebastian Estenssoro decided they would go on one last adventure to make life before graduation all the more epic.

| Scene Reporter

Concern for the bike perimeter

Washington University’s connection with sustainability and environmental consciousness should come as no surprise to any undergraduate. From the LEED-certified buildings to on-campus involvement to student political leanings, the University loves green. It therefore surprises us to hear of the University’s plan to construct a bike perimeter together with Great Rivers Greenway.

On-campus triathlon triumphs over weather

Start with Washington University students waking up between 6 and 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning; throw in some cold weather in the low 40s, an overcast sky, strong wind and rain; add a combination of 400 meters of swimming, a 12-mile bike ride around Forest Park and a five-kilometer run.

| Senior Sports Editor

Student group prepares an on-campus triathlon

Ready your bikes, get set in the pool and hit the pavement running because registration for the first on-campus triathlon is open. The Washington University triathlon club has organized what it hopes will become a tradition for community members looking to spice up their exercise routines.

| Senior Sports Editor

Make bicycle​ helmets mandatory

At Washington University few things are as ubiquitous as bicycles. Every day as I trudge to main campus, I see students on bicycles zip by, eager to make it to class on time and nab that perfect spot on the bike rack.

| Forum Editor

Why I don’t lock my bike (and why you shouldn’t either)

This semester I have decided not to lock my bike when I am on campus. This may seem crazy, idiotic, naïve and financially imprudent, but I have some good reasons behind my decision. The first and most obvious is that it is a pain to lock my bike every time I bike from class to class. Unfortunately, many of my back-to-back classes are located far apart this semester. This means that I bike everywhere and really depend on my bike to prevent me from being constantly late to class.

| Staff Columnist

Ride your bike responsibly

While no freshman girl really minds being saved from a speeding vehicle by an attractive male upperclassman, I think I am fairly certain that I have begun to develop post-traumatic stress disorder from the numerous bicycling accidents I have witnessed during my six weeks on campus.

| Staff Columnist

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