LNYF emerges into new year, celebrating what is yet to come

Explored through energetic dance performances and a moving skit, the theme of finding belonging was the major theme that tied LNYF together.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

The best people I know all play Dungeons and Dragons

So when I say most of my close friends play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), it’s not because there’s a personality type or positive value I associate with the game (that’s for another article). It’s because, if they’ve talked to me about D&D or whatever their particular niche interest is, it’s indicative of a trait that truly creates good friendships and relationships: direct communication.

| Senior Editor

In where do I fit?

I have a tendency to use semicolons in text messages. It’s a compulsion, really, that I associate with my childhood affliction—an obsession with grammar

| Staff Columnist

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