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Class is in session: Best campus buildings to have sex in

Just because it’s a Tuesday doesn’t mean you can’t do something special while staying right on campus. Try having sex with your partner in a campus building!

Bathroom reviews: Our number 1 picks for your number 2

Look, let’s face it: there’s nothing like a quality bathroom visit to make your day that much better. Despite the fact that this campus is swimming with bathrooms, they were not all created equal.

Starbucks in Bauer Hall to open on Monday for start of classes

The full-service Starbucks in Bauer Hall will open on Monday, Aug. 25 along with the new Bauer Hall Cafe. The Starbucks will accept gift cards and Bear Bucks, but not meal points.

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Focus on construction should expand to other schools

Two weeks ago, Washington University officially opened Knight and Bauer Halls, the two newest business school buildings. While construction has not been completely finished, students and faculty have started using both buildings’ grand lecture halls, high-tech study rooms and spacious offices. We can already see the benefits of adding Knight and Bauer Halls.

Olin Business school classes migrate to incomplete Knight and Bauer Halls

Although Knight Hall and Bauer Hall opened their doors to their first classes on Monday, the newest additions to campus aren’t quite done yet. Even after the construction trucks leave in a number of weeks, there are parts to the building that will remain unfinished for several years, until they are needed.

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Knight Hall and Bauer Hall open

Too busy studying for GenChem to go explore the new B-School buildings? Student Life has you covered, with 17 photos of the beautiful new building.

Contracts being finalized to bring Starbucks to new b-school buildings

Some coffee cups on campus will soon be sporting a familiar green logo, pending final contracts being signed. An Aramark-operated Starbucks franchise is scheduled to open in the new business school buildings upon completion of Knight and Bauer Halls March 1.

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Looking ahead to Knight and Bauer Halls

When school started last August, students would peer into the gap between McMillan Hall and the Knight Executive Center to get a glimpse of a monstrous hole in the ground. By winter break, that hole was filled with a large skeleton of iron beams. Today, that structure is starting to resemble an actual building—and a magnificent one at that.

Dennis Rim | Student Life

The ever-so-changing campus

It is nearly impossible to walk onto campus and miss the two crane booms towering in the sky by Mudd Field.

Dennis Rim | Student Life

Expansion in engineering: Is it worth the costs?

The School of Engineering and Applied Science’s newest building, the Stephen F. and Camilla T. Brauer Hall, was officially unveiled in a dedication ceremony on Oct. 1 and continues Washington University’s commitment to sustainability. Yet this monstrous new building also raises some controversial issues among students.

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