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Why have a bar and grill when you can have a ball pit?

With the status of a new bar and grill on the Washington University campus up in the air, the space in the Umrath Hall basement remains vacant. With no clear replacement for past tenants Subway and the Umrathskellar, we took it upon ourselves to come up with a responsible, pragmatic and fiscally conservative replacement.

Bar and Grill proposal fails

Plans to open a Bar and Grill on campus have been tabled. According to Student Union President Morgan Debaun, the Student Union first proposed that a Bar and Grill be opened last July. The anticipated Bar and Grill were to take over Subway’s former location in the basement of Umrath Hall.

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SU should reconsider tech coordinator

We believe that SU should not put its extra funding toward a technology coordinator but, if possible, should instead put funding toward constructing the bar and grill.

SU to decide how to allocate extra funds

Developing a new Bar and Grill and hiring a Technology Coordinator are at the top of the list of how Student Union plans to spend extra money from the large-sized freshman class.

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Students support proposed Bar and Grill

Students may now have a place to enjoy late night programming and deep fried food on campus. This summer, Student Union proposed adding a bar and grill in the basement of Umrath Hall, where Subway used to reside. “Students approached us last year about getting a bar on campus,” Student Union President Morgan DeBaun said.

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