The band behind Brasshouse: A conversation with Too Many Zooz

Too Many Zooz formed in the New York subway system and recently blew up as a result of a viral video, the band will perform at Off Broadway Friday, Feb. 7.

| Staff Writer

A tour bus conversation with Atlas Genius and Skylar Grey

An unlikely pairing of music acts, Atlas Genius and Skylar Grey joined forces in a North American tour, sponsored by the clothing store Journeys. Both artists have shared in success from their respective freshman albums.

| Film Editor

Offstage: An interview with CHERUB

Before the spring concert last Thursday, I sat down with CHERUB duo Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Broom Closet Beer Club profile

On a Monday night in February, the six members of The Broom Closet Beer Club gathered in the living room of a student apartment, sipping beers and getting ready to practice. Their schedule had them rehearsing about seven hours a week, their songs listed on a whiteboard.

Emily Couch | Scene Reporter

The South 40 mailroom’s Kevin Simon: A drummer in a blue suit

You may know him as “that bald guy in the blue suit” or “the Hitzeman mailman,” but long before he took our I.D.’s and handed us our packages, Kevin Simon was the drummer for a band that played venues across the country.

| Scene Reporter

Ursa’s Nite Life provides entertainment close to home

On Friday nights, Anthony Reliford, a Dining Services employee who works at Ursa’s, takes notice of Ursa’s Nite Life.

| Contributing Reporter

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