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Five tips for surviving remote learning

Remote learning can be challenging, but it’s important to stay productive and engaged to set a good tone for the rest of the semester. Here are five tips to help you survive.

| Contributing Writer

TV Shows for all your back-to-school woes

Classes have started up, your activities are piling on top of each other, and you’re busy trying to find time for an ounce of a social life. Who could juggle all of that with Netflix?

Katherine Dawson | Contributing Writer

Dear class of 2023: Advice for first year students

So, you made it here. Congratulations! Years of hard work have finally paid off, and now your journey starts as a somewhat-adult, broke-yet-rich-in-education college student.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Writer

Hot styles for hot days: Trends on the Danforth campus

To jump onto the bandwagon of fashion trends at Wash. U. (or to avoid wearing the same outfit as your suitemate), keep on reading. 

Jillian Shah | Contributing Writer

What to expect when you’re expecting your first week of college

You’re all moved in, your roommate finally arrived, you said goodbye to your family, and now, it’s time for the first day. For all of you that may need a reminder of what to expect (or are doing it for the first time), the Forum staff is here to help.

Forum Staff

Syllabi access should be available before class starts

Chances are, if you’re a current or incoming student at Washington University, you like to get ahead. Over the summer, many students click the seemingly helpful “view syllabus” button underneath each class on WebSTAC, only to be met with an all too familiar phrase: “No syllabus was found for this specific section,” or even “Professor: TBA.”

College: A different world

With the commencement of the back to school season, many college freshmen, like me, find themselves conflicted with an abundance of emotions.

Efua Osei | Contributing Writer

Back to school

The beginning of another academic year brings new excitements, worries, goals and opportunities. From freshmen preparing to tackle what may be their first forays into independence to graduate students beginning their last formal schooling, the college campus boasts a myriad of experiences. While the diversity of students’ backgrounds may sometimes go unnoticed, learning about some individuals’ stories is always insightful.

Keona Kalu | Freshman Press Reporter

A class-by-class pep talk for the beginning of the year

Hey, you. Do you need a pep talk to start this school year? Did you already get one from your mom? Do you want another one? Whether you answered with a resounding “yes!!!” or a lukewarm “please get away from me and let me finish my sandwich in peace,” I’m here to give you a pep talk!

| Senior Scene Editor

Top 5 college movies

I endured hours and hours of movie watching and bags of popcorn all in the name of the pure scientific research it took to compile this article. So, start thinking of what a drum roll sounds like.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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