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A sports junkie and his Bears: Chris Mitchell has the best job in the world

Chris Mitchell’s title, Assistant Athletic Director for Communications, might not sound all that exciting. For most other people in his role, it probably would not be that exciting. For Chris Mitchell, though, the title is different: Chris Mitchell thinks he has the most exciting job in the world.

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Washington University hires new athletic director

Washington University has named Anthony J. Azama the John M. Schael Director of Athletics, effective July 1, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Lori White announced Tuesday.

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New athletic director needs to provide stability and stay put

The University’s announcement of Anthony J. Azama as the new athletic director presents an opportunity for stability in the department.

Athletic Department details athlete compensation plan

SOCIOECONOMIC ISSUE: Laid out end to end, the expenses pile high for an athlete. Equipment, personal lessons, travel expenses, road food and lodging and medical treatment all find their way onto the bill.

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AEPi to launch Gateway Program for philanthropy week

In an effort to improve communication between St. Louis police officers and urban youth, Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity has joined forces with Be In The Know About Bullying, Red Alert and the Washington University Athletic Department to develop the Gateway Program.

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New athletic pep band aims for more school spirit

In an effort to show more school spirit at Washington University athletic games, several freshmen students have come together to form an athletic pep band this semester with the support of several University administrators and the Athletic Department.

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UW-La Crosse’s Josh Whitman named new athletic director

After a lengthy search to find a replacement for longtime Director of Athletics John Schael, Josh Whitman has been named Washington University’s next athletic director, Provost Holden Thorp announced in a press release Wednesday. Whitman will take over the role Aug. 1.

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Former Student Life EIC leaks confidential Athletic Department documents, forced to seek asylum at Fontbonne University

Senior Saheel Pateel, former editor-in-chief of Student Life, has fled to Fontbonne University, where he is petitioning for asylum after leaking documents proving that the Athletic Department has been spying on its own athletes.

Manuel Zimbabwe | Anti-Squirrel Vigilante

New Athlete Ally chapter looks to highlight LGBT issues in athletics

In all levels of sports, an overwhelming theme surrounding discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity is no discussion at all. The Washington University Athletic Department assumed that its leaders’ silence signified a culture of acceptance. “What we’d chosen to do is that we just kind of ignored it,” Associate Athletic Director Joe Worlund said.

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New hire to boost Bears’ marketing

The Wash. U. Athletic Department now has a new marketing and external relations coordinator, Erin Blecha. Blecha has a big job ahead of her—though she seems determined to expand even more.

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