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CGI U security to have limited effect on campus

Despite the number of important figures and out-of-town delegates arriving at Washington University this weekend for the Clinton Global Initiative University conference, the campus will not see noticeable security differences or road restrictions.

| Senior News Editor

Wash. U. reveals largest-ever fundraising campaign has already raised $1.13 billion

Chancellor Mark Wrighton first learned how to ask people for money while working as a young paperboy in Florida charged with soliciting money from subscribers. “I realized how hard it is to collect money, even for good service,” Wrighton said. “Back in those days you couldn’t pay on the Internet and that kind of thing.

| Editor-in-Chief

Athletic Center Renovation Updates Still Pending

While Washington University has long identified renovation of the Athletic Complex as a top priority, designs and plans are still in their early stages and no timeline has been set for the project. Since the AC building was redone in 1985, only minor renovations have taken place.

SU maintains free student use of AC

Undergraduate students will continue to have free access to the Athletic Complex’s cardio room for the 2011-12 year. A Student Union allocation made over the summer will extend free use of the entire AC through the coming year, quelling concerns that a charge would be imposed.

More information needed on AC funding

Last year, the Athletic Complex saw its budget slashed, and an initiative to give $100,000 to the AC failed to garner the necessary supporters to make the ballot.

| Staff Columnist

Athletic Complex closes earlier

Students accustomed to exercising at the Athletic Complex late at night have had to adjust their routines because of reduced hours of operation in recent weeks. Although students were able to work out until 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday from fall break until spring break, the AC has closed at 9 p.m. since spring break.

| News Editor

Athletic Complex block funding will not appear on SU ballot

The Athletic Complex may feel some financial hardships in the coming year. According to Student Body President Jeff Nelson, supporters of block funding for the Athletic Complex (AC) did not gather the 900 required signatures to get the initiative on the ballot. Two years ago, the AC received block funding for two years at $60,000 per year.

| Senior News Editor

Student group prepares an on-campus triathlon

Ready your bikes, get set in the pool and hit the pavement running because registration for the first on-campus triathlon is open. The Washington University triathlon club has organized what it hopes will become a tradition for community members looking to spice up their exercise routines.

| Senior Sports Editor

Address academic facilities before athletic ones

In response to your recent Staff Editorial calling for improved athletic equipment, I call foul. I would prefer to see the facilities needed for academic achievement first. In three areas my academic life is made more difficult on a daily basis because of sub-par facilities.

Philip Kimmey

AC renovations should go further

After a sleepless night of studying and a caffeinated day of classes, you bundle up your willpower and drag yourself to the Athletic Complex. After passing through new glass-paneled turnstiles that inspire vague associations of Mr. Spock and dystopian fiction, you find yourself waiting in line for a treadmill that may or may not work, flipping through an issue of US Weekly from two weeks ago and thinking about how you could be more productive if only you had joined Bally’s like your roommates did.

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