WU athletes on maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst extended offseason

Even with the cancellation of spring sports, Wash. U. athletes are staying in shape from home.

Miguel Campos | Staff Reporter

Details of new parking plan finalized, announced

Washington University announced finalized specifics today for a new parking and transportation plan that will introduce zoned parking on campus.

| Editor-in-Chief

The real power of celebrity student athletes today

Discussing student athletes has always been a controversial conversation. I’ve personally always found it amazing that places of education give scholarships to those who are athletically inclined.

| Contributing Writer

Wash. U. athletics to move to Jones Dome, join Division I sports

On Monday, Director of Athletics Gosh Bitman shocked the school community when he announced that the Red and Green will finally be joining NCAA Division I athletics and holding all sporting events at the soon-to-be vacated Edward Jones Dome in fall 2015.

Omaha! Omaha! | Has Big Forehead

Provost adds new athlete-only courses in ‘Sports School’

The new Course Listings addition, under the tentative program name Sports School, is a change two years in the making, with the idea first pitched to the University’s curriculum committee upon the arrival of Provost Golden Vorp to campus.

Kach Zram | Twirling his mustache

Saving hearts and lives, professor helps athletes

Each year, approximately 75 athletes between the ages of 13 and 25 years old die due to a heart related cause. Most of these athletes die suddenly during or after exercising. Dr. Keith Mankowitz, the Director of the Athletes Prevention Program at Washington University, is working to stop these deaths. Mankowitz, who is a cardiologist by training, has started a campaign to inform St.

| News Manager

The Game of Love

For several years, Student Life has relied on photo spreads of Washington University athletes to fill our pages. This year is different. The sports section conducted an informal survey with the athletes we have covered in the past.

| Sports Staff

Athletes register students to vote

Student athletes at Washington University organized a non-partisan voter drive that took place on Sept. 24 outside the Athletic Complex.

| Sports Editor

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