Staff Editorial: Ticket subsidization presents opportunity for all

Washington University recently announced that, starting this semester, all Performing Arts Department (PAD) productions will be free to all undergraduate and University College students.

Op-ed: Remembering Dean McLeod

Our greatest resource as a University remains in special individuals and relationships that affect positive change. One special person who changed my life and many others was Dean Jim McLeod.

Zach Linneman | Class of 2011

ArtSci restrictions stifle interdisciplinary exploration

College is nothing if not a natural habitat for important-sounding buzzwords, and assuming you haven’t spent your time under a soundproof rock, it’s likely you’ve heard the phrase “liberal arts education” a time or two (hundred).

Revamped ArtSci Council passes new constitution

Though less than 5 percent of eligible students voted, Arts & Sciences students approved the ArtSci Council’s new constitution on Tuesday, giving the group the expectations and structure necessary to move forward.

| Staff Reporter

Inaugural celebration praises liberal arts on campus in Ampersand Week

From Feb. 21-28, Arts & Sciences hosted Ampersand Week to celebrate the liberal arts on campus and give students a chance to celebrate the unique flexibility of the college.

| Contributing Reporter

Semester Online goes offline after ArtSci faculty reject resolution to continue involvement

After College of Arts & Sciences faculty voted 130-116 to end Washington University’s partnership with Semester Online, the international consortium of participating schools has decided to disband. Semester Online, the University’s first foray into online education for undergraduate students, launched last fall.

| Staff Reporter

Take advantage of major adviser guidance

Upon declaring a major, students in the College of Arts & Sciences are assigned a major adviser with whom they must meet at the end of every semester before they can register for the next semester’s courses.

| Staff Columnist

ArtSci printing policy fosters sustainability, community

According to an e-mail circulated on April 28, 2009, by Marcia Mannen, associate director of client support of Arts & Sciences Computing, with this semester comes not only the South 40 House and the Class of 2013, but also a new printing policy. The new policy can potentially make the campus a bit greener and […]

| Staff Columnist

ArtSci printing policy creates a divide among students

The new printing policy being implemented this semester strives to promote a campus culture of sustainability, but ultimately offers few benefits and is unfair to students. By charging a small fee per page, the University hopes to discourage excessive printing and promote environmental sustainability. However, the new policy has removed all previous restrictions on printing […]

| Staff Columnist

ArtSci votes on proposed changes to curriculum

The ArtSci Council assembled on Wednesday evening two weeks ago to vote on the proposed changes to the curriculum in the College of Arts & Sciences, forwarded by the College’s New Curriculum Review Committee.

| Senior News Editor

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