Fraud alert: I am not a woman

“Women aren’t women anymore,” at least according to Suzanne Venker. In a Fox News article not-so-subtly titled “The War on Men,” Venker argues that women “have been raised to think of men as the enemy.

Winning the Race

On a dark, crisp summer morning, choices I had made more than two years ago were reappearing. The sweat dripping off of 23-year-old Tyler’s face was evidence of a goal he had set just a few days earlier. His legs were tired, but he wasn’t giving up. The two-mile run was nearing an end; he was going to finally pass the Army Physical Fitness Test.

| Staff Columnist on Deployment

The value of friends

How do you judge the value of friendship? People get married everyday with the belief that they’ve committed their lives to a best friend. To become someone’s best friend, certain traits need to be developed.

| Staff Columnist

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