Op-ed: KWURN’T Week: A reflection on our rejected appeal

In denying funding for KWUR Week, Treasury is effectively denying our ability to uphold one of the events that makes Wash. U. so special.


A need for different appeals

On Tuesday night, a multitude of student groups submitted appeals to Student Union Treasury to bring speakers to campus. That, combined with last Tuesday’s voting, brings the list of funded speakers to: Al Gore, Daphne Kwok, Mukherjee, Deanne Bell, Jess Weiner, John Legend, Amy Chua and Sofia Vergara.

Student Union Treasury misguided

Although the events surrounding yesterday’s vice presidential debate certainly made for an exciting time on campus, students were unfortunately denied one major event during the past week. The College Republicans, along with the Student Investment Fund, Delta Sigma Pi and Theta Xi had planned to co-sponsor Ben Stein on October 1 to discuss the economic […]

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