Born smarter

Is it much of a surprise that students placed in an optimal environment for success — smaller classrooms, more thought-provoking assignments, more one-on-one attention, more behavioral exceptions, and more physical resources —  are likely to outperform their peers?

| Junior Forum Editor

Wash. U. stands by AP score policy

As institutions nationwide join the national debate over whether to offer credit for high Advanced Placement test scores, Washington University professors and officials are standing behind the school’s current and comparatively tightfisted system.

Ellie Kincaid

Be wary of the new AP

A few months ago, the College Board rolled out a new version of the Advanced Placement system. However, based on current information, some of the changes might not be for the best. They have only released the new AP Biology and U.S. History exams (biology is supposed to start next year and U.S.

| Senior Forum Editor

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