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Atlas shrined: The holy doctrine of Ayn Rand

She’s back! There’s a new old kid on the block of conservative ideologies, and the far right has chosen none other than Ayn Rand. Upon closer inspection, however, Ayn Rand seems like an unusual choice for today’s conservatives.

| Staff Columnist

SU pushes ties with profs

Student Union is planning to roll out a new program to help build relationships between students and professors outside the classroom through various informal social events. Kady McFadden, chair of the Student Union (SU) Academic Affairs Committee, came up with the program, called “Meet the Prof.” It is still in its initial planning stages. McFadden […]

| Contributing Reporter

Who are our faculty fellows?

It took Associate Professor of Political Science Andrew Rehfeld some time to convince his entire family to move into a college dorm.

| Scene Reporter

Breaking trend, VP debate takes the spotlight

Fought out between Democrat Walter Mondale and Republican Bob Dole, the first vice presidential debate in 1976 was held much in the same format as a presidential debate, covering the same issues the presidential candidates had discussed in three previous debates.

| Contributing Reporter

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