University publicly opposes controversial amendment

Amendment 3, one of the proposed changes to Missouri’s constitution that will appear on Missouri ballots Nov. 8, has voters split due to its scope of issues and precise wording. Though Washington University generally makes a commitment to remaining politically neutral, it has taken a public stance against the proposal.

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Amendment to diversify Treasury passes by wide margin

In a 375-80 landslide, undergraduates voted to approve changes to the Student Union constitution that aim to diversify SU Treasury.

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Amendment aims to increase student representation

After being passed by Student Union Senate and Treasury, a constitutional amendment that aims to improve student representation in Treasury now awaits the student body’s vote. The amendment would reserve a seat for the student from each school who received the highest number of votes.

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SU considers new savings allocation process

Treasury will vote Tuesday on whether to approve a statutory amendment to Student Union’s constitution that would put more oversight on how the vice president of finance can allocate long-term savings. The amendment would specifically require the approval of the Executive Council on any long-term savings expenditures over $5,000.

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Proposals for SU

Our Student Union has more than 60 elected student representatives and a budget of over $2.2 million, so we have to pay attention and do our best to make informed decisions about who we elect to represent us. And if we don’t think we’re being represented, we need to consider running for office ourselves.

Trevor Mattea | Op-Ed Submission

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