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Album review: ‘You Haunt Me’

Sir Sly’s debut is immensely impressive in that it was able to build beautifully upon an already flawless EP. The band’s sound can only be characterized as brilliant darkness.

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Writer

Cadenza profile: David Boyd of New Politics talks band’s origins and success

“They’re all magic.” That’s how David Boyd, the lead singer of Danish pop-punk band New Politics, sums up his experience playing shows. Given how far the band has come since its formation in 2009, it’s no wonder Boyd is still in awe.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

“Am I The Enemy” | The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

It seemed like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus had disappeared from the scene after the release of their first album, “Don’t You Fake It” (even though they have released another album and five EPs since then). But the band’s new album, “Am I The Enemy,” could definitely bring them back into the alternative rock spotlight.

Abi Saxena | Cadenza Reporter

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