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AST presents ‘Jerry Finnegan’s Sister’: The theater that everyone needed

After a semester apart, All Student Theatre is back with the perfect two-person play, “Jerry Finnegan’s Sister.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

AST returns to Brookings’ outside stage with ‘Jerry Finnegan’s Sister’

All Student Theatre members have been rehearsing, building and sleeping on Brookings Quadrangle for weeks preparing for their upcoming show “Jerry Finnegan’s Sister.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Four shows, no stage: Student theatre cancelled

Washington University’s campus closure caused the premature cancellation of four student-run theater performances.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘Tales from the Dark’ puts a spin on classic fairy tales

I didn’t know what I was in for when I walked into the Village Black Box theater on Saturday night for All Student Theatre’s “Tales from the Dark.” I expected something in line with the Halloween season—spooky, a bit of suspense with a dash of comedy thrown in.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘Melancholy Play’ presents an insightful love letter to sadness

All Student Theatre’s (AST) production of “Melancholy Play,” which ran from Thursday, April 11 to Sunday, April 14, explored that feeling. In an exaggerated style that ranged from comedic to impactful, sometimes in such short succession that I got emotional whiplash, “Melancholy Play” showcased the beauty and necessity of sadness.

Isabella Neubauer | Senior Cadenza Editor

All Student Theatre to present a nutty good time with ‘Melancholy Play’

This year, AST will perform “Melancholy Play,” which director Nathan Lamp describes as “a play about emotions, how we feel them, how they affect us and our relationships with others.”

Isabella Neubauer | Senior Cadenza Editor

Murder Mystery puts the ‘all student’ in All Student Theatre

All Student Theatre (AST) hosted its annual Murder Mystery event Friday night. This event helps AST gather funds for its spring production in Brookings Quadrangle and involves members of the Washington University community in theatrical performance.

Isabella Neubauer | Staff Writer

All Student Theatre brings laughs to Brookings with ‘Noises Off’

If you’ve passed through Brookings Quadrangle this past week, you probably noticed students rushing around the stage building a two-story set, camping out during the nights in a tent in the pit.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Female producers and directors lead campus theater groups

All Student Theatre, Cast n’ Crew and Thyrsus all feature women in leading roles.

| Staff Writer

AST Cabaret brings humor, humanity to the theater

I decided to attend this year’s All Student Theatre (AST) Cabaret (entitled “Putin on the Ritz”), both because a friend was performing and also to take my first step toward understanding what is so great about public performance.

Isaac Jacobson | Contributing Writer

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