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AST spring cabaret showcases a variety of student talents

All Student Theatre (AST) hosted its annual spring cabaret, “Gayberet 20Bi-teen,” as a fundraiser for its spring show, “Melancholy Play”.

Sabrina Spence | Staff Writer

It was a dark and spooky night…Murder under the bigtop

All Student Theatre’s carnival-themed murder mystery event was the perfect way to get in the spooky Halloween spirit. From

Elena Quinones | Contributing Writer

No business like show business: Entertaining with limited resources

SOCIOECONOMIC ISSUE: For the dozens of student-run and Student Union-funded performing arts groups on Washington University’s campus, putting on a show with a limited budget and limited resources can be a challenge.

| Managing Editor

‘Young Frankenstein’ to bring hilarity and horror to Brookings Quad

Starting this Thursday night, All Student Theatre will present its annual show on Brookings Quadrangle and its first musical since 2009: “Young Frankenstein,” a comedic sequel to the horror story we all know and love.

| Staff Reporter

Set-sitting: A behind-the-scenes look at AST’s production of ‘Young Frankenstein’

Since starting work for All Student Theater’s (AST) production of the Mel Brook’s musical “Young Frankenstein,” cast and crew members have continuously monitored the set.

| Staff Reporter

Dinner and a mystery: All Student Theater presents Neil Simon’s ‘Rumors’

When an anniversary dinner party takes an unexpected turn after the host shoots himself and his wife goes missing, the guests are simply buzzing with questions and allegations in All Student Theatre’s production of Neil Simon’s “Rumors” this upcoming weekend. A farcical comedy plays out as the ritzy guests in the Westchester, N.Y.

‘4×4: Four Plays on the Quad’

So what do you do when you pick a play to perform, cast it, get super excited about it and then find out that you can’t acquire the rights to it? Well, I’d probably go into a corner and cry, but luckily All Student Theatre (AST) had a better solution: Pick four student-written one-act plays and perform them instead. And thus, “4×4: Four Plays on the Quad” was born.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Back to Neverland: AST’S ‘Peter Pan’

I’ve always been one for going back to my childhood and enjoying the small things in life. I ended up loving “Alice in Wonderland” for the nonsense, but I never knew “Peter Pan” had so much of the same jolliness in it. This weekend’s play is put on by All Student Theater, a group that collaborates on one entirely student-produced play or musical each spring at Beaumont Pavilion in Brookings Quad. That’s right.

| Cadenza Reporter

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