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A night with the WU quiz bowl team

At its heart, the quiz bowl team—for all its quirks and intricacies—shares all the important values of a great sports team.

Josh Shapiro | Senior Sports Editor

Yozamp wins ‘Jeopardy!’ title

Washington University students and faculty alike have been captivated by Wash. U. student Nick Yozamp’s appearances on the popular televised game show “Jeopardy!” So when the final game was shown in the DUC Commons, everyone held their breath, rooting for the Wash. U.’s knight in school-spirited sweatshirt armor. Yozamp pulled through, winning the $100,000 grand prize and some positive attention for the University.

| Student Life Editors

Yozamp to appear on ‘Jeopardy!’ final after another victory

“Jeopardy!” star Nick Yozamp strikes again. Thursday afternoon, in the first game of a two game finals set, Yozamp won by almost $6,000 after getting the Final Jeopardy! question correct. His total going into Friday’s match is $20,000. College “Jeopardy!” finals are a two-day total-point affair. Whatever amount was won on Thursday’s game carries over to the episode airing Friday.

| Senior News Editor

Wash. U. whiz wins on ‘Jeopardy!’

Who is appearing on “Jeopardy!” Monday afternoon? Nick Yozamp, a junior biology major at Washington University. The pre-med is representing Washington University in “Jeopardy!”

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