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Demi Lovato’s “Dancing with the Devil” showcases angelic vocals and powerful storytelling

Demi Lovato’s newest album is a cathartic, powerful dive into the singer’s past.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Big Thief’s ‘Two Hands’ invites listeners on a journey

Raw, unfiltered and reminiscent of the best of Alanis Morissette, “Two Hands,” the second major release this year by indie rock/folk band Big Thief, takes the listener straight to the coolest coffee bar in Portland during an autumn rain.

Lydia McKelvie | Staff Writer

DaBaby’s KIRK brings self-reflection to an album full of bangers

On September 27, DaBaby released KIRK, his second album of 2019. The title is a reference to DaBaby’s birth name, Jonathan Lyndale Kirk. DaBaby has had a quick rise to fame over the past year, and KIRK is a shining example of why.

| Staff Writer

Mike Posner delivers an unconventional album, and it’s a success

Mike Posner did something novel with his latest album. He made a 37-minute record he wants you to listen to in one sitting, without interruption.

| Staff Writer

Hippo Campus’ sound evolves in new album ‘Bambi’

The success of “Bambi” lies in its ability to merge simplicity with complexity in terms of lyrical messages, melodies, riffs and underlying beats.

Christine Watridge | Contributing Writer

‘Oh My My’: Is OneRepublic in the middle of an identity crisis?

OneRepublic’s latest album “Oh My My,” which released worldwide on Oct. 7, boasts an eclectic selection of tracks in its over-an-hour-long series of varied tunes that don’t really conform to any particular genre. Unlike their other albums, which were a clear fusion of pop and rock with a distinctive touch that stood out among others, this album feels like a potpourri of styles, heavily leaning toward new age music.

| Staff Writer

Album Review: GROUPLOVE’s ‘Big Mess’

When listening to an album called “Big Mess,” you would think that the songs would be disjointed and unfinished. However, quite the opposite is true with GROUPLOVE’s third studio album.

| Staff Writer

Album review: ‘The Life of Pablo’ by Kanye West

Music, more than most media, offers the temptation to hear certain works in the context of the creator’s personal life. This is particularly true with pop stars, or artists with a documented history of turmoil.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Album review: ‘Need Your Light’ by Ra Ra Riot

Released on Feb. 19, Ra Ra Riot’s new album, “Need Your Light,” offers everyone a little bit of light as we head into what seems to be an early midterm season. An indie rock band that got its start during the members’ time together at Syracuse University, Ra Ra Riot has been climbing the ladder of success in the music industry since its debut in 2006.

| Staff Writer

Album review: Sia, ‘This Is Acting’

On her new, most recent album, “This Is Acting,” Australian singer and songwriter Sia Furler—who performs under the stage name Sia—displays her eclectic creativity through both word and voice. Although “This Is Acting” has been criticized as being an uncoordinated collection of singles, Sia offers her audience a wild combination of thematically messaged and musically styled songs originally meant for other artists to perform.

| Staff Writer

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