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The summer in brief

Affirmative action still needed in America

The national discourse on affirmative action is fanatically negative or intellectually inert or both. The latest iteration of the debate stems from University of Texas-Austin’s denial of admission to Abigail Fisher in 2008. UT has a “top ten percent” admissions guarantee—the college admits students from the top ten percent of every high school that ranks […]

No more affirmative action

The Supreme Court is hearing a case regarding affirmative action for the first time in nine years. In the 2003 case Grutter v. Bollinger, the Court ruled that public colleges and universities could take race into account in vague ways to ensure academic diversity.

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Racism and affirmative action

On Sept. 26, the University of California, Berkeley College Republicans created a nation-wide controversy by holding an intentionally racist and sexist bake sale; women and those of ethnic minorities were charged less per pastry than were their white male counterparts, with Native American women receiving their confections free of charge.

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