Five tips for surviving remote learning

Remote learning can be challenging, but it’s important to stay productive and engaged to set a good tone for the rest of the semester. Here are five tips to help you survive.

| Contributing Writer

Our suggestions for combating the winter slump

The end of daylight savings time ushers in some dark and cold months. Scene writers put together a list of things that improve their mood when the weather is getting them down.

The do’s and don’ts of interacting with a grieving friend

Grief is a widely varied process, and everyone will react differently. That said, here are some tips on interacting with a grieving friend.

| Senior Forum Editor

A new year to fall down and laugh

I want to make this (Jewish) new year a time of no lost chances. If I try something and I fail or make a fool of myself, I get to look at it as a learning opportunity or a time to laugh. I don’t want to regret missed opportunities. 

| Senior Scene Editor

What to do with a boo-less Valentine’s Day

Buckle up, grab your tissues (and maybe your lotion) and remember we are all alone in the end anyway.

Practical new year’s resolutions: Small ways to reach your goals

Although you might still accidentally write “2019” when putting the date at the top of documents, it’s finally 2020. And with every new year comes new resolutions. We create admirable goals that we think will improve our lives and, at least for a second, feel that this will finally be the year we achieve them.

| Senior Scene Editor

Staff List: Advice to get you through applications and interviews

We seem to have reached that time of the year when people begin applying for jobs and internships, a process that brings a wave of stress and anxiety along with it.

Dear class of 2023: Advice for first year students

So, you made it here. Congratulations! Years of hard work have finally paid off, and now your journey starts as a somewhat-adult, broke-yet-rich-in-education college student.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Writer

RelationTips with Jordan: Dormcest is never a good idea, unless you live in Umrath

From the moment they commit to Wash.U., first-year students are enamored with the new world of freedom they’re walking into. In addition to walking into freedom, they’ll also walk into dorms. With this comes the infamous concept of becoming romantically involved with someone who lives in your building: dormcest.

| Staff Columnist

Don’t believe your professors, you will change the world

There is immense value in studying what has happened before and applying it to the present. But this does not mean that history is bound to repeat itself or that we must follow the same paths as those who have preceded us.

| Staff Writer

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