‘Mad Men’ Season 7 premiere: ‘Time Zones’

The times, they are a-changin’ on “Mad Men”—but we already knew that. For the past few seasons, we’ve seen Don, Roger and the rest of the old guard struggle to adjust to a society that has less and less need for their brand of hard-drinking, womanizing machismo.

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Top creative outlet classes here at Washington University

Tired of writing analytical essays and doing chemistry labs? Clear off room in your schedule for a more creative class, like Fiction Writing or Drawing I. Even pre-med students can paint a beautiful picture and even engineers can dance a breathtaking ballet—it can be a way to relieve stress while still getting academic credit. Cadenza staff members picked their favorite classes to let those creative juices flow.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I turn on the TV, and the usual, nonsensical advertisements seem to take over every channel. There’s something that annoys me during the start of the holiday season—advertising agencies flood the airwaves with repetitive, mindless, flashy commercials that brainwash people into unquestionably buying unnecessary products. That was a mouthful, but it needed to be said.

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