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Controversial Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad raises questions about diversity

Never have I watched the Super Bowl aside from the occasional halftime show, and this year was no different. But, like many of my fellow non-watchers, I do take the time to sift through and watch the million-dollar advertisements. Each year, I start out with the Budweiser ad, dependably successful and filled with Clydesdales, and then move on to the rest.

Jacqueline Boyle | Staff Writer

Admissions office does not recruit using Facebook despite national trend

While admissions officers nationwide have become increasingly dependent on Facebook profiles to attract applicants, Washington University has limited involvement with the social network.
A recent article on the All Facebook blog cited a 2010 survey conducted by Kaplan, in which four out of every five college admissions officers stated that their school used the social network to recruit students.

| Staff Reporter

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