Op-ed Submission: The cost of universities hurts both students and teachers

Higher education in the U.S. has become an ugly simulacrum of an educational system for most students and faculty.

Cody Burleson | Third-year Neuroscience Ph.D. Student

Op-ed submission: The reasonable reality of being an adjunct

Given the controversy that ebbs and flows as the semester goes on that is adjunct faculty pay, we the College Republicans feel it would be valuable to enter into the discussion with an opposing (and we imagine not-so-popular) take on what is going on.

Wash. U. College Republicans

Student-Worker Alliance protests outside DUC for adjunct rights

With chants of “Pay our teachers” and “We support adjuncts,” protesters organized by the Student-Worker Alliance (SWA) demonstrated outside the Danforth University Center on Friday, calling for improved wages and working conditions for adjunct faculty at Washington University.

| Contributing Reporter

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