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Staff Editorial: It’s never too late to join clubs

If you’re a freshman who couldn’t find their footing in the first few months of college; a junior who’s trying to pick up something new; or, yes, even a senior who’s been eyeing that one club for years but never had the time — just do it. 

Face-to-face at last: Fall activities fair indicates a promising start for student groups

Hundreds of student organizations and thousands of students flocked to Mudd Field for the biannual activities fair last Friday.

| Contributing Writer

Stay engaged with Wash. U. in light of no debate

Although this coming year lacks a central event equivalent to the debate to rein in Washington University students, that should not mark the end of students’ involvement within our campus community as the new semester unfolds.

Reflections of a blood drop

On Friday, Aug. 28, I promoted Washington University’s first blood drive of the year at the Fall Activities Fair. But rather than tabling or aggressively handing out flyers, I wore the blood drop costume to raise awareness.

Hanusia Higgins | Contributing Writer

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