‘Movements are always about hope’: New sociology professor Zakiya Luna’s faith in sustained efforts of social change

“From a pretty young age, I was exposed to the idea that it’s important to speak up for issues that are affecting the world,” Luna said. 

| Senior Scene Editor

This year’s student body must continue last year’s activism

on-campus activism may play a larger role for Wash. U. students than expected, and it is vital in its ability to enact changes at the University. The previous school year sparked campus-wide activism that cannot be ignored–or abandoned.

| Senior Forum Editor

Please, post that infographic

Seeing so many of my followers posting every day, finding ways to spread the word about important racial issues, even in such a small way, made a difference.

| Staff Writer

‘Failing to act urgently is unreasonable’: Cori Bush calls for racial justice at WU climate change dialogue

Congresswoman Cori Bush and other community leaders discussed methods for combatting climate change in MO at a Washington University and UMSL hosted panel

| Staff Reporter

SU candidates discuss platforms, answer questions from WU community at forum

The forum, which took place one week before SU elections on March 30, covered topics ranging from accountability and transparency to the role of WUPD and Greek Life on campus.

, , and | Senior Editors

Counterpoint: Lunch is still open, have a seat

Our society needs unity, but more so, it needs understanding, and with understanding comes compromise.

| Managing Editor

Staff Editorial: The election is over, but we’re not done

Start with what binds us—the University itself—and work from there to explore and understand how the University impacts the greater St. Louis community.

‘Wash. U. students just don’t come’: St. Louis activists urge increased engagement from WU students

Young organizers, activists and allies gathered at the steps of City Hall for a People’s Press Conference to demand the resignation of Mayor Lyda Krewson, Oct. 17. The conference was a direct action event packed with political theater and community building hosted by Sunrise STL and joined by Occupy City Hall STL, STL Reentry Collective […]

Sabrina Sayed | Staff Reporter

Staff Editorial: On the importance of following up and following through

But if we can’t follow up on our demands, can we be surprised when they don’t follow through on their promises? Hold the University accountable.

Staff Editorial: A battle won but the war rages on: Keep supporting Title Mine

In April of 2018, Student Life received an anonymous op-ed that discussed the university’s failure to protect the student population from a “serial offender.”

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