On unexpected paths and broken boxes

When I look back on my elementary school years, I can easily characterize myself as a quitter.

| Editor-in-Chief

Point: It’s time to trash Blackboard

As the outgoing senior Forum editor, I’ve got one more fight to pick. It’s something every student at Wash. U. has in common, and as you’ve probably noticed, our course management system is in pretty bad shape.

| Senior Forum Editor

Fall 2013 class recommendations

It’s time to choose classes for the fall semester. Filling clusters and integrations aside, this is an exciting time and a chance to get outside of your academic comfort zone. Here are our picks for the best classes on campus: Sahil Patel, Editor-in-Chief: Beginning Hindi I The Hindi I and II sequence equals 10 total credits and a Language & the Arts cluster.

Making WU worth it

Most people would generally agree that college tuition is expensive. We might even nod our heads to affirm that our college is more expensive than most. Even with the financial aid packages, the amount due every semester is by no means puny.

| Staff Columnist

How not to write

Academics are smart, highly educated, deeply intellectual people. Yet most of them insist on writing as if they failed Composition 101. Twice.

| Forum Editor

Business minor made more accessible to all undergrads

Starting with the Class of 2014, non-business degree students will only need 15 credits to complete a minor from Washington University’s Olin Business School, down from previous requirements of 18-24 credits.

| Staff Reporter

Bailout request

I started this semester off so well. I was really on top of it (or at least running alongside of it), but now I’m falling behind. It’s terrible; as the work piles up—burying me in readings and papers—I feel more and more helpless to do anything to stop the carnage.

| Staff Columnist

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