Rally for Reproductive Rights Pressures University to Take Official Stance on Abortion

On May 6, members of the Washington University community gathered in Brookings Quad to protest the draft leaked by the Supreme Court suggesting that the court could be planning to overturn Roe v. Wade. The motivation behind the rally was to “call on the University to take a stand in support of abortion rights and against Missouri’s trigger ban.” 

| Managing Scene Editor

Pro-life group holds demonstration at intersection of Forsyth and Wallace

Pro-life group Created Equal held a demonstration with large posters and pamphlet handouts at the intersection of Forsyth Boulevard and Wallace Drive Monday, Oct. 8. The posters, of which there were about seven, depicted graphic images of fetuses aborted during their first trimesters with the slogan, “Vote Anti-Abortion” written across them.

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Op-ed submission: In response to ‘Conversion in Bear’s Den’

In a recently published op-ed, Grace Kavinsky accused WU Students for Life and the Abortion Dialogue Academyof lacking empathy toward rape survivors and denying the humanity of women. Although her intentions are surely well-meaning, as a woman, I am hurt by her overreaching and inaccurate claims, and I would like to refute these unfair allegations.

Liz Murphy | Vice President, WU Students for Life

Learning local women’s stories through ‘Out of Silence’

“Out of Silence” aims to destigmatize abortion and normalize the sharing of abortion stories by providing a venue to explore the intimate and personal details inherent in these experiences.

Victoria Albert | Contributing Writer

Op-ed Submission: Conversion in Bear’s Den

The problem with the tabling effort in Bear’s Den and the Abortion Dialogue Academy in particular is the implication of the casual and indifferent discussion of rape.

Grace Kavinsky | Class of 2020

Why we need a scientifically informed population

In the wake of increasing abortion opposition efforts, decreased Planned Parenthood funding and opposition to fetal tissue research aren’t the only issues; a multitude of scientific goods have fallen victim to our nation’s larger problem of a scientifically misinformed population.

Victoria Liu | Contributing Writer

Stand with Planned Parenthood not only in St. Louis, but in Missouri

There are 13 Planned Parenthood clinics scattered throughout the state of Missouri. Of these 13, only two offer the full suite of reproductive care services—that is, they are licensed and equipped to terminate pregnancies. One of these clinics is in Columbia, a town that sits squarely in the middle of the state, about two hours west via Highway 70.

Students, protesters face off at St. Louis Planned Parenthood

Less than 24 hours after the U.S. House of Representatives voted to freeze federal funding for Planned Parenthood, pro-life Christians rallied outside of the St. Louis location. Since the bill will likely not make it past the Democratic majority in the Senate, the vote is mostly symbolic—but if passed, it would block funding for a full year to allow Congress time to investigate the group’s involvement with fetal tissue research.

| Editor-in-Chief

An open letter to the Washington University community

On Monday, an article was released in Student Life claiming that EST and Clayton Paramedics were overwhelmed by the number of intoxicated students at W.I.L.D. We are writing to clarify several of the inaccuracies stated in the article. Both EST and Clayton Paramedics put a great deal of resources into W.I.L.D.

Jeremy Pivor and Jackie Morrison

Free birth control limits abortion, WU study finds

Free contraception leads to fewer abortions and teen pregnancies, a study by the Washington University School of Medicine has shown. A total of 9,256 women ages 14 to 45 living in the St.

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