Opinion Submission: Why WashU should take a stronger stance for abortion

As proud and open supporters of abortion access, we were disappointed by the Chancellor’s lukewarm public stance on abortion. We feel a moral responsibility to speak out and ask for more from the University.

, and | 2020-2022 Student Body President, 2022-2023 Student Body President, and 2023-2024 Student Body President

Opinion Submission: Abortion is a human right, and we need to do more to protect it

We all care deeply about abortion and reproductive freedom — which is why we are taking the time to share more about why these rights are so important, what is on the line, and how we can come together and address the newest assaults on reproductive freedom in this country.

, , and | PPGA Co-Presidents, PPGA Vice President, and former Student Union President

Pro-Choice Panel advocates for engagement in promoting reproductive freedom

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, a panel of specialists and social workers from activist organizations, including Pro-Choice Missouri and Medical Students For Choice (MSFC), explored the implications of Missouri’s ban on abortion rights for state residents on Oct. 24.

| Contributing Writer

We need to talk about abortion as self-defense

Why shouldn’t the same principles and values apply to abortion? If we have a right to protect our bodies from outside threats, why not from inside threats?

| Lemma Barkeloo & Phoebe Couzins Professor of Law

“Sexual Political Economies of Slavery and Abortion” Lecture

Professor Adrienne Davis speaking in her lecture. Screenshot courtesy of Chloe Carlish*   As part of the new “Politics of Reproduction” course, law professor Dr. Adrienne Davis led a guest lecture, “Sexual Political Economies of Slavery and Abortion,” on Sept. 19. In the lecture, Davis draws comparisons between antebellum fugitive slave laws that allowed for […]

| Contributing Writer

New class on reproduction for Fall 2022 semester

Washington University now offers “The Politics of Reproduction,” a new course focusing on reproductive issues, for the Fall 2022 Semester.

| Staff Writer

After the loss of Roe, students need support, not neutrality

Chancellor Martin: even if you don’t have all the answers, we deserve to know that you recognize this ruling not as a topic for debate but as a catalyst for immediate action.

Rally for Reproductive Rights Pressures University to Take Official Stance on Abortion

On May 6, members of the Washington University community gathered in Brookings Quad to protest the draft leaked by the Supreme Court suggesting that the court could be planning to overturn Roe v. Wade. The motivation behind the rally was to “call on the University to take a stand in support of abortion rights and against Missouri’s trigger ban.” 

| Managing Scene Editor

Pro-life group holds demonstration at intersection of Forsyth and Wallace

Pro-life group Created Equal held a demonstration with large posters and pamphlet handouts at the intersection of Forsyth Boulevard and Wallace Drive Monday, Oct. 8. The posters, of which there were about seven, depicted graphic images of fetuses aborted during their first trimesters with the slogan, “Vote Anti-Abortion” written across them.

and | Senior News Editors

Op-ed submission: In response to ‘Conversion in Bear’s Den’

In a recently published op-ed, Grace Kavinsky accused WU Students for Life and the Abortion Dialogue Academyof lacking empathy toward rape survivors and denying the humanity of women. Although her intentions are surely well-meaning, as a woman, I am hurt by her overreaching and inaccurate claims, and I would like to refute these unfair allegations.

Liz Murphy | Vice President, WU Students for Life

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