2020 presidential election

WU law professor works with ACLU to sue Trump administration over decision to sanction those who work for the International Criminal Court

When Washington University professor of international criminal law Leila Sadat heard the news that former President Donald Trump had signed an executive order designating the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a “national security threat,” June 11, she was shocked.

| Senior News Editor

Counterpoint: Lunch is still open, have a seat

Our society needs unity, but more so, it needs understanding, and with understanding comes compromise.

| Managing Editor

Staff Editorial: The election is over, but we’re not done

Start with what binds us—the University itself—and work from there to explore and understand how the University impacts the greater St. Louis community.

Point: Brunch is closed for good

Despite Biden’s win, there are, in fact, still things you should care about. You cannot delude yourself into thinking all is well, and you cannot excuse others for it either.

| Staff Writer

WU professors on what to make of the election going forward

On Wednesday morning, the day after Election Day, I sat down over Zoom with John Inazu, a Professor of Law, Religion, and Political Science, and Mark Valeri, a professor of religion and politics, to ask them about the outcome of election night.

| Staff Writer

Staff Editorial: This is hard, but we can get through it

This election season, it’s important to protect yourself and your mental health. Here, the members of the Student Life Editorial Board share their methods of grounding themselves and finding some peace in uncertainty.

A walk through WU on Election Day

Here is a peek into Election Day for Wash. U. students—from the on-campus polling site to the South 40 dorms to taking it all in from home.

Scene Staff

Half of WU students voted in 2016. Turnout this year may look different.

Just 52.5% of eligible students voted in 2016 and 41.8% in 2018, but as students head to the polls today, there is optimism that student voter turnout will increase from past years to meet WashU Votes’ goal of 62.5%.

| Associate Editor

Why do I have class tomorrow?

Then, I thought about the fact that less than a week from that day, I’d be feeling the same amount of exhaustion, only with the added stress of being a part of one of the most important elections of my lifetime.

Jamila Dawkins | Forum Editor

Sleepless nights and endless emails: Behind the scenes of student campaigners before Election Day

Every morning, sophomore Emma Singh wakes up at 5 a.m, what she calls an “ungodly hour,” to the soothing sound of National Public Radio and the gentle glow of her natural light alarm clock. Then she gets to work.

| Contributing Writer

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