2012 elections

Consider switching your voter registration to Missouri

This Tuesday, local elections took place in districts across Missouri: in Clayton, in University City, in St. Louis. You probably didn’t vote, and you’re not alone if you spent the day studying in Whispers or writing a paper instead. In fact, only about 90,000 people in all of St. Louis County showed up to cast their votes Tuesday.

Religion, please get out of politics

In a small, religious town in Rhode Island, a local student complained about a prayer displayed on a banner at her public high school. The prayer, unsurprisingly, makes direct reference to “Our Heavenly Father.” On Jan. 11, a judge ruled that it was unconstitutional for the banner to hang in the school. However, the community continues to resist the ruling.

| Staff Columnist

The case for Obama 2012

My uncle once quoted to me, “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re 30, you have no brain.” A conservative, he is probably patiently waiting for naïve liberal me to start griping about the government stealing my money. It is undoubtedly easier to accept paying taxes when they remain an abstract concept.

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