Our sports staff’s prop bets for Super Bowl LI

Sports Staff

How many times will announcers mention Deflategate?

Fewer than eight times or more than eight times

How many interceptions will the two quarterbacks throw?

More than two or less than two

How high off the field will Lady Gaga’s halftime stage be?

3 feet or the NRG Stadium’s height of 260’

How many times will Bill Belichick smile?

0 or 0

If the Patriots win, how long will it be until Rob Gronkowski is spotted in a Houston night club?

Less than 20 minutes or more than 20 minutes

Will Samuel L. Jackson, Future, Gucci Mane, T.I. or any member of Outkast appear on screen during the game?

Yes or no

How many times will NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell take a drink on camera?

Fewer than two times or more than two times

Will Tom Brady make eye contact with Goodell?

Yes, no or definitely yes

Will Julio Jones have at least 100 receiving yards?

Yes or no

Will any player kneel during the national anthem?

Yes or no

Will the Fox announcers discuss Brady’s relationship with Donald Trump?

Yes or no

How many times will Fox show Malcolm Butler’s interception in Super Bowl XLIX?

Less than 10 times or more than 10 ti-alright already, we get it

Will Matt Ryan finally throw an interception?

Yes or no

Will there be a safety in the game?

Yes or no

The MVP will play what position?

Quarterback or literally any other position

Will there be a missed field goal?

Yes or no

How many times will Joe Buck mention Gronkowski?

Less than seven times or more than seven times

How many halftime commercials will have a dog in them?

Under five or over five

How many surprise artists will appear during Lady Gaga’s halftime show? (Any member of Coldplay does not count.)

Over 3 or under 3

How many commercials will feature that uncomfortable supermodel/Joe Schmoe trope?

Over 38,000 or under 38,000.

How many men at your viewing party will try to make you feel inferior for not particularly enjoying football before you transform into a she-beast and scorch the earth as you fly away?

Over one or under one

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