Nwumeh plays in fourth annual National Bowl Game

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Senior Nelson Nwumeh applies pressure on Case Western Reserve University quarterback Erik Olson in the Bears’ 29-0 victory over the Spartans on Nov. 9. Nwumeh played in the fourth annual National Bowl Game on Sunday in Miami, one of 100 players from around the country to participate.

While the Washington University football team’s season may have ended, senior defensive lineman Nelson Nwumeh had the opportunity to extend his collegiate career on Sunday afternoon at Florida International University.

Selected as one of the 100 best non-Football Bowl Subdivision college players, Nwumeh participated in the fourth National Bowl Game, a postseason all-star game, with NFL, Canadian Football League and Arena Football League scouts in attendance. Leading the Bears with 79 tackles and four forced fumbles this season, he was awarded University Athletic Association Defensive Player of the Year honors. Nwumeh also received all-UAA honors for the third time in his career. While the numbers speak for his productivity, Nwumeh was in shock when he received news of his all-star selection.

“To be honest, I had no idea that this game even existed,” he said. “When I saw the letter, I was really surprised, and I knew that I had to take advantage of the opportunity. It was amazing to be among the most talented people around the country,” Nwumeh said.

Arriving on Thursday night, the players were divided randomly into teams of red and blue and practiced throughout Friday and Saturday. Nwumeh appreciated the bonding experience that he had during those three days.

“We really felt like a family, and it was nice to meet people from other states like Oklahoma and Texas,” he said. “We talked about football and academics and just bonded.”

As the players went through several drills in their high-tempo practices, the scouts had the opportunity to meet and speak with the players with whom they were most interested. Scouts from the Green Bay Packers and St. Louis Rams approached Nwumeh and applauded him on his career in college.

“It was a humbling experience to see the scouts walking around,” Nwumeh said. “I was so excited to hear from the Rams, and they just asked me some questions about my personality, my thoughts on football and my physical abilities.”

According to Nwumeh, he and the other defensive linemen put on a dominating performance, bringing a significant amount of pressure to the Blue team’s offensive linemen and quarterback. Combined with a strong offensive performance, the Red team finished the game with a 40-26 victory.

“What I liked most about the game was just the competition,” Nwumeh said. “We went out there, had intense practices and played very hard during the game.”

While Nwumeh plans on attending medical school in the future, he’s still open to the possibility of going pro, and he will consider his options during his gap year.

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