Features of fall: Sports staff’s picks for game of the weekend

Sports Staff

We’re in the golden period of autumn: The fall sports season is in full swing, with a number of electric matchups each day, from MLB to the NFL to NCAA football to Washington University sports. We asked our writers what games they expect to be the most exciting this weekend as Wash. U. students search for a respite from the weekly grind.

As an MLB man myself, this weekend’s matchups aren’t all that interesting. Indians-Red Sox is a potential AL championship series preview, but both teams are locked into their respective playoff spots. Braves-Phillies was a tussle all summer, but the Phillies have fallen by the wayside. Ditto Rockies-Diamondbacks. If you want to check out Cardinals-Giants at Busch Stadium, they’ve got some cool promotions going, but the Giants are meh. So, we look to the NFL and…it’s Week 3, and we don’t even have any undefeated teams going head-to-head. Lame.

So, I’ll turn to college football. I’m actually not much of a college football aficionado—I follow the trends and the big upsets and only really get into it during the late rivalry weeks—but one game this Saturday caught my eye: Missouri vs. No. 2 Georgia. Dorian made a compelling argument that the Chiefs are Missouri’s team, but with the Rams departed, after Wash. U. football, why not support another college team? Mizzou’s off to a great start (51-14 and 40-13 wins); so, maybe it’s the right time to buy in ahead of a date with the defending finalist Bulldogs? An upset might just have Tigers fans storming the Columbia, Mo. field.
Rohan Gupta, Senior Sports Editor

While most soccer fans eagerly wait for their favorite European teams to resume activities on the weekend, the fact is that most of the best soccer in Europe happened in the middle of the week with the Champions League. Perhaps there are decent matches out there, but none of the more known leagues have clashes between their giants; however, on Sunday, one of the most well-known derbies in Mexico will take the country by the storm. The match I’m referring to is Tigres vs. Monterrey (otherwise called the Clasico Regiomontano), two top-tier Liga Bancomer teams that share the privilege of calling Monterrey their home. Dating all the way back to 1974, both teams fight for the sake of honor, as well as obtaining critical points for the season—some matches make the difference in who wins the league. Although in this derby, both teams have notable injuries from key players, there’s no doubt that the Sunday night match will have plenty of chants, spirit, goals and passion.
Angelica Vasquez, Contributing Reporter

Being from the great city of Chicago, I have always been a fan of the Bears through thick and thin (that might have actually been a subliminal influence in me attending Wash. U. by the way). The past couple of seasons have been mediocre at best for this Windy City team, and I really feel that they have been slept on when it comes to their development behind the scenes. They are now undoubtedly a team to be reckoned with now (at least on the defensive end), with their league-best ten sacks collectively as a team, with two coming from new fan-favorite linebacker Khalil Mack, who has a better defensive stat line than the entire Oakland Raiders team in some categories such as forced fumbles (two vs. one), fumbles recovered (one vs. zero), and even touchdowns (one vs. zero). A lackluster offense in form of the Arizona Cardinals and a defensive powerhouse in the form of the Chicago Bears should definitely be a game to look out for this upcoming weekend. DA BEARS (insert cringe face here).
Miguel Campos, Contributing Reporter

Allow me to introduce you to the most exciting sports game of the weekend: the Seattle Sounders against the Los Angeles Galaxy. That’s right, folks: It’s Major League Soccer time. MLS gets a bad reputation as a place where not much good soccer is played. And maybe the soccer will not be great during the Galaxy’s match up with the Sounders, but it will be exciting. These are the scores of the last few Galaxy games: Toronto 5, LA 3 and Salt Lake 6, LA 2. The last time these two teams played, Seattle won 5-0. If you like watching goals happen in soccer games, this is the game for you. It will probably be a complete mess, but it sure will be a good time. Major League Soccer is a beautiful thing.
Jon Lewis, Associate Editor

Closely contested games are awesome to watch. There’s something special about a buzzer beater or a Hail Mary that decides an outcome. But it can also be super fun to watch a team get throttled. This Thursday, the undefeated Wash. U women’s soccer team will take on their in-town rival, Fontbonne, in the Wydown Throwdown. Wash. U has won every game in the series so far to amass an impressive 20-0 record. Last year, the Bears scored five goals against the Griffins. There’s good reason to expect just as dominant a showing this weekend. The Bears have allowed five shots on goal in seven games and have currently outscored opponents 24-1. The Red and Green are playing at an elite level right now. I’d expect them to beat just about anyone in DIII at the moment. If Fontbonne holds Wash. U. to under three goals, I’ll be shocked.
Dorian DeBose, Senior Sports Editor

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