Male Athlete of the Week: Tim Machan

Hometown: Wauwatosa, Wis. Major: Psychology

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Tim Machan returns an interception against Rhodes College on September 4. Machan led the Bears with eight tackles in a 23-0 win. (JOSHUA GOLDMAN | STUDENT LIFE)

Tim Machan returns an interception against Rhodes College on September 4. Machan led the Bears with eight tackles in a 23-0 win. (Joshua Goldman | Student Life)

In a must-win game against Rhodes College Saturday, Oct. 4th, senior defensive back Tim Machan perhaps made the biggest play of the day only seven minutes into the game. With the Lynx driving into the red zone, Machan intercepted a pass into the end zone, returning it 33 yards. The Lynx would be shutdown for the rest of the game. Machan’s interception and team-leading eight tackles earned him Student Life’s Male Athlete of the Week.

Student Life: Take us back through that interception.

Tim Machan: I think they were down to like the 10-yard-line. We were in a zone coverage. I just got a good read on my receiver’s route, got my eyes back to the quarterback and saw the ball coming. I stepped up, and I got a nice return…I think there was one guy I had to beat and I would’ve been gone.

SL: That big of a play has to do something for not only the defense, but for the entire team. What kinds of things were you hearing and seeing after that interception?

TM: It had been the first moment this year where I felt that the team really kind of collectively celebrated. Even in the Westminster game, we had flashes of it…but it really seemed to kind of bring everyone together and then move forward together, and we just dominated the rest of that game.

SL: Just a small fact, but that interception put you at No. 10 for career interceptions at Wash. U.. Does that mean anything to you?

TM: Not right now. Maybe in 10 or 20 years, when I’m telling my kids or my nephews and nieces about it, that’ll be something I’ll enjoy, but right now, it’s not all that important to me. In that game, we had four people get interceptions. That’s the more important stat, when we succeed as a team and as a defense. I’d be lying to say that it’s not fun, but that’s not why I play football.

SL: What are you looking to do every time you step onto the field for a game?

TM: When we take the field, what I’m looking to do is “use my techniques and play my assignment”, and that’s something that I hadn’t always done. At the beginning of this year, I had struggled a little bit, but when I got back to that, I noticed a difference in my play. It’s not worrying about the statistics, it’s not worrying about the big hit, it’s worrying about the little things you have to do; where you line up, what your first movement is, who you’re reading, how long your eyes are there before you’re back to the quarterback. When you focus on those things, then big plays come.

SL: It’s your senior season; you only have a few games left. What is something you want to accomplish by the end of the season?

TM: I want to win a UAA championship. That’s something that hasn’t been done since I’ve been here. The guys who graduated last year hadn’t done it. The guys who graduated the year before had done it as freshmen. My brother was in that class…and that’s something that is important to me.

Tim Machan and the Bears take on undefeated No.11 Wabash College this Saturday, Oct. 10.

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