Some sports, ranked from least to most strenuous

Sports Staff

Considering it is our main to write about them, we have some opinions on sports. Here is a ranking of some sports that we like, ranked from easiest to hardest.

1 . Basketball

2. Skibob

3. Rafting

4. Racewalking

5. Chess

6. Gaelic hurling

7. Australian rules football

8. Rugby

9. Frisbee golf

10. Racewalking

11.Competitive yachting

12. Sleeping

13.Double Dutch

14. Tennis

15. Jump rope

16. Lime scooter races

17. Applying to med school

18. Black Friday shopping

19. Fighting for a spot in the DUC

20. Opening a Seigle door

21. Living in Lee/Beau

22.Waiting for stir fry at BD

23. Getting a booth in Whispers

24. Winning the Olin Games

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