Bernie supporter and Trump supporter have respectful, engaging discussion on Facebook

Dez Memes | Biased Liberal Monster

Earlier this week, Washington University senior John Smith and freshman Sunset Boulevard engaged in a respectful political debate after Boulevard posted a status update declaring undying support for Bernie Sanders. Smith, a supporter of Donald Trump, commented in response, “shutup let’s make Amrica gr8 again and start winning #Trump 2016.”

Boulevard proceeded to highlight the pitfalls of Trump’s economic plan and how Sanders plans to address class divides. Smith responded “yea but Bernie doesn’t hace cool hatz u dum f—,” to which Boulevard responded “ugh.”

In a shocking turn of events, a guy from high school that Boulevard talked to a couple times in English class started attacking both Smith and Boulevard. Crazy, right? Schmed Mruz, an undecided voter from the University of Texas at Austin, acted as a mediator for the two. Mruz commented, “u guys r both idiots lol haha.”

Eventually, after everyone got in a couple of personal insults and declared themselves too civilized for further responses, everyone went to sleep. In the morning, Boulevard quickly deleted a comment from her grandma asking about how Facebook works.

Isn’t political openness great?

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