Student Life writes yet another article on Nick Yozamp

Many More Planned for the Future

Winthrop Thomas III, Esq. | Crushin’ on Nick Yozamp

Student Life’s coverage of Nick Yozamp’s victory of the 2010 Jeopardy! College Championship will take on new territory, as the staff plans to write a series of articles about Yozamp over the next month.

The entire staff has religiously followed and detailed Yozamp’s appearances on the semifinals and finals of Jeopardy! After he won, the staff did not want to let a good story go unreported. Various reporters analyzed what the victory meant to Wash. U.; St. Louis; St. Cloud, Minn.; and the United States as a whole.

Staff reporters have interviewed, among others, family, friends, family friends, friends of family friends, Alex Trebek and Gerald, a Jeopardy! intern who came up with a $400 question which Yozamp answered correctly on his first appearance on the show. Student Life’s next story, to be published in 10 parts over the next month, will describe Yozamp’s victory even more thoroughly.

“Rufus has been a beloved member of the Yozamp family since 1997,” said Kendrick Rookwood, the reporter assigned to parts 1-3 of the story, referring to the Yozamp family dog. “I am shocked that no one has talked to him yet.”

Outside of the planned interview with Rufus, the paper has been tightlipped about plans for the series.

Readers of the paper, such as freshman Jason Potts, are excited for the upcoming series.

“The coverage they were doing was okay, but I really felt that they did not talk to enough people about the details and impact of Yozamp’s victory,” Potts said. “They need to talk to more of his fifth cousins.”

Some students have questioned whether this series is necessary.

“Stud Life has already told me that Nick Yozamp is amazing,” junior Amanda Boredman said. “Do they really need to remind me again?”

We did not interview Yozamp for the article, believing that he would not have any relevant information for our series.

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