Orchid Room is more fun than Fun Room

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Tell teh kittehs 2 close their eyez

The Orchid Room in the Danforth University Center is more fun than the Fun Room, according to a survey sent to undergraduate students.

According to the survey, 74 percent of respondents said the Orchid Room was “more fun” or “way more fun” than the Fun Room in the DUC.

Survey respondent Leslie Rove, a sophomore said, “The Orchid Room is totally more fun. I mean, there are pretty flowers all around. Also, the doors have an orchid pattern on them.”

Only 11 percent of survey respondents described the colored-circles pattern on the Fun Room’s sliding ‘garage doors’ as “fun,” with the remaining 89 percent calling the design either “slightly not fun” or “not even close to fun.”

The Orchid Room, located at the south end of the food service area, also beat out the Millstone Lounge and Career Center Candy Bowl for the most fun space in the DUC. Café Bergson was a close second, but lost because students “frequently trip over Mac power cords.”

Graduate student Pat McFeasible was not surprised by the results, noting that the chairs in the Orchid Room have backs, as opposed to those “sack-like things filled with foam beans” that are found in the Fun Room. “Honestly, have you ever tried to get comfortable in one of those things?” he asked.

The Southeast Courtyard is adjacent to the Orchid Room, providing even more fun.

Freshman Stacy Larrie said, “That outdoor space is so nice on nice days. And that brick wall is so pretty, even if the other side of it does look like the Berlin Wall. But who sees the other side?”

Officials from the University, including Nellie Springs, assistant director of facilities for the DUC, are working to add more fun to the Fun Room.

“We thought the pool table would make the Fun Room more fun, but we apparently need to do more,” Springs said. “We’re looking forward to implementing student suggestions, such as balloons, streamed-in music, and puppies. Well, maybe not puppies.”

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