Career Center encourages students to apply for positions with SFA (Strip For America)

Angel Spanks | Pole Beat Reporter

The Washington University Career Center is encouraging students to consider joining a recently established organization, Strip For America (SFA). SFA founder Ivanna Gonaked describes the great shortage of good strippers in America: “A lot of people have this misperception that there are good strippers across the country, but that’s just not true. Some people today are really put at a major disadvantage; they live in communities with little or no funding for quality strip joints.” According to the SFA Web site, the organization’s mission is to build a movement to eliminate the shortage of good strippers in America. “Everyone should have the opportunity to get an amazing lap dance,” says Gonaked.

The good news is that you can help. SFA has programs across the country, and you don’t even need to have any experience as a stripper to apply. Beware, though—the application process is highly competitive. “Because the economy is so shitty right now, current grads are dying to get jobs with SFA,” explains Gonaked, “It’s great to see so many people willing to take on the challenge of working in sketchy clubs and taking their clothes off for strangers.”

During a training institute, SFA provides its corps members with the skills they need to become the sexiest strippers imaginable— from practice pole dancing to role-playing. SFA claims that the strippers they train are way hotter than the ones currently in place in many clubs.

A recent Wash. U. alum, Willy Wang (whom an anonymous source told me I should refer to as “Big Poppa”) is part of the growing movement. He explains that the interview process was a lot of work. “One of the hardest things was having to do my own five minute strip tease in front of the interviewers and all of the other applicants.” When asked what he plans to do after SFA, Wang says that he’ll probably go to medical school. Graduate schools and law schools tend to look favorably on students who take the time to work with SFA for the “real-world” experience they bring to the table. As Wang explains, “SFA provided me with a much deeper understanding of the human body, and I mean that literally.”

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